About Us


A Suite Start

The Suite Boutique was founded in 2019 by Kat Owens and Yolonda Lowe. The two met as coworkers at Clemson University and quickly discovered they had more in common than just their workplace. What they were each planning to wear to a football suite became a regular topic of conversation. Finding orange and purple clothes presented a weekly challenge and they learned other ladies were also experiencing the same frustration. Kat and Yolonda ultimately decided to help solve that problem - they decided to create a boutique where ladies could easily shop for stylish orange, purple, and tiger prints to display school spirit.

A Word From The Owners 

Everyone has at least one outfit or one item of clothing that helps them feel confident, powerful, and like they could take on the world. We are here to help women find their power outfit. And while we know that confidence is far more than appearance, we also understand that any little boost in confidence we can get - even if it comes from a perfect pair of pants and killer heels - is worth it. Our vision and passion is empowering women to feel confident and stylish.

We created The Suite Boutique with the Clemson woman in mind. For the office, social events, or just out and about - The Suite Boutique has something special just for you!